The love of coffee began for us having taken a few family trips to the USA, where the addition of full fat cream to coffee opened a world of possibility. A couple of trips to different countries, sampling different coffee along the way. Once in Australia, however, we finally realised what coffee should be and what real coffee culture is.

Discovering the Oz coffee culture

Spending 2 and a half years in Australia gave us an appreciation for what real coffee is and should always be. A barista course in Sydney was the first step to turning this love of Coffee into our passion.

The Pandemic

Finding ourselves back in Ireland during a pandemic and a love for Australian Coffee and a dissatisfaction with Irish Coffee. The next logical step at this time of uncertainty was to share our love of coffee.

The Beginning

We started to search for a few different options as to how this vision of bringing the Australian coffee standard to Ireland could become a reality. A Transit Van was sourced that happened to include coffee apparatus and there Oz Standard Coffee was born.

Best coffee in Northern Ireland

Sourcing the best Product

The branding was decided upon and then the most important part. COFFEE. Testing 30 different types of beans over multiple days we discovered the perfect blend and we were ready to go!

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Our Location

Finding the correct location as a base was vitally important as we wanted our customers to have a perfect location to fuel those covid walks. A quick message to our local garage and a meeting with the Coyle family, we had ourselves a place to set up at The Golden Plough, Drones Road. The owner of the garage, Tommy Coyle, and his family embraced and supported our start up from the very beginning. Instantly we received incredible support from the local community.

Events & Bookings

The continuous support led to event bookings such as pop-up days at a local farm (The Milk Hut @ Chestnutt’s Farm), weddings, team bonding days and many more. Continuing to develop our reach and image as the best coffee in the north coast was working well.

Not all plain sailing

Disaster struck for us when our van had a life ending injury that meant a lot of rethinking had to be done. We were able to source a container which meant setting up a more permanent fixture. Still supplying the best coffee possible.

Coffee shop in Ballycastle - Seafront

A new solution

The new arrangement of the permanent horse box was a great solution to a major problem for the business. However wanting to establish our presence at events had to take a step back. A solution was found when we renovated a horse trailer to operate as our mobile Oz standard coffee merchant which is now available to book for all types of events!


We cater for a range of events with the aim to share our love of coffee with you.


Wether it's a wedding, sporting event, festival or special occasion. You want our coffee there!